3 Shades Of Rhythm – Triple Vinyl


Now available as limited triple vinyl release…  3 Shades Of Rhythm was Equipto, P-Waley & TD Camp.  They started recording songs together in 1990 and quickly gained a reputation for their unique sound and style.  Finally available on vinyl after 25 years, this release features several never before released songs.  Available on Discogs or by emailing prom8nly@googlemail.com …Get it now while it is still available.

3 Shades Cover3 Shades Back

A New Day (A.N.D.) “Keep On”

A new single… A New Day… A new album May 1st… Download, share, enjoy and get ready for A.N.D… MC’s Dregs One, Telli Prego, More Risk Rich (aka Patience), and Yarrow Slaps team up with Hella Records producer/DJ TD Camp. Classic Hip Hop production with a younger generation of MC’s makes for a new beginning in the sound and feel of SF Hip Hop.